Graphic Design & Art Direction 

Branding for Smoother

Art Direction
We created the brand identity for the wearable payment solution provider SMOOOTHER.

SMOOOTHER is wearable payments. It is a tech service that allow people to leave the wallet at home. At the heart of the brand is a desire to live in the now, a love for life and all its little pleasures. The goal is to make everyday a bit smooother.
This bold and colourful identity is made to appeal to the fast moving urban audience with a big interest in tech and pop culture. Strong colour combinations, big patterns and typography gives a diverse toolbox that doesn't try to be discreet. It gives you a fun and playful impression, booth on the shelf and when in use.

The logotype and symbol is a simplification of the three o´s in Smooother. It makes the logo smoother and the symbol more focused.

We also presented solutions for a web store, mobile app, packaging and physical products. 

Made together with STRAYS

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